Custom All American USA Guy Fawkes Anonymous Mask

Starting at: $79.99

This is a Custom Airbrushed All American USA Guy Fawkes Anonymous Mask.


This mask can be done with:
* Version 1, 2 or 3 Hard Resin Masks or the Fiberglass Mask.
* Light or Dark Blue as in the photos
* Horizontal or Vertical Red Stripes
* Stars or other Shapes or Logos
* 1/2 the mask Blue or a 1/4 of the mask Blue
* Black Hair or any color Hair or Unpainted Hair

This mask is Custom Airbrushed by Hand and is created upon being ordered and takes a week to a month to paint as the paint and clear coats need to cure in between colors and masking.

There is a Choice between Matt and Gloss Clear Coats, please select which finish you prefer. (photos shown in Gloss, Gloss is recommended to bring out the color).

The GiftBox available for this mask is the same GiftBox that Version 3 Masks come with.

- Customized One of Kind, Unique & Eye catching
- Hand Airbrush Painted (No brush strokes)
- Uses Professional Enamel or Oven Bake Auto Paint
- Gloss or Matt protective coating (gloss recommended to bring out colors)
- Minor Personal Customizations are possible, please ask (other colors available)
- Available in Hard Resin Mask Versions 1, 2, & 3

* Please Select which version you prefer from the drop down menu below.
* Please Select Gloss or Matt from the drop down menu below (do not select both).
* Please Check the checkbox for foam padding if you would like the foam padding applied. If left unchecked the foam padding will be sent so that you can apply it when you want.
* Please Check the Giftbox checkbox if you would like a Giftbox. If left unchecked your mask will be shipped in the regular brown cardboard box with foam inserts.

Sold Out
  • Shipping Weight: 400grams

Please Choose:

Foam Padding

Metal Eye Inserts

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