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We value your privacy and security. Some of our store features include:
* SSL with up to 256Bit Encryption Secured by RappidSSL.
* Security Scanned and Verified by Trust Guard.
* Scanned and Protected agaiunst Malware, Spam, & injection by SiteLock.
* We Accept Bitcoin for your Privacy.
* Payments Secured by Bitpay, Paypal, & Skrill.


All customers details are kept private. We do not share any information with any other third parties other than the payment processor (paypal, bitcoin, western union) and the post office. We do not sell or trade your information with any other sources. Your information is safe with and you can delete your account at any time to remove it from the store database.

To help protect your privacy we encourage the use of BitCoin (BTC) or other ALTcoins. Bitcoin and all altcoins offer greater anonymity than bitcoin, however ZCash, Monero and Dash offer more anonymity.

To pay with Bitcoin please select Bitpay OR coinpayments during checkout.

Pay with complete Anonymity using:

To pay with other Altcoins please select coinpayments during checkout.


If you do not feel safe entering in your personal information into the store, you may use any information you wish when creating your account. You can fill out the name, address and information as Anonymous. We value your anonymity and privacy and would like a secure and safe environment for people to obtain their masks. We use the information provided to us by Paypal, Western Union or Bitcoin in order to ship your order so the information in the store is of little importance when it comes to shipping your order, it only helps us in identifying your transaction after your purchase, but we just need the order number to do that, so you do not need to put in correct info in the store. For your real shipping information when finalizing checkout, make sure that you do give the proper information to where and who you want your package shipped to. In Summary, Store Account info can be whatever you want, actual payment processing done at the end of checkout must be the correct shipping information.


In the time we have been running, we have Never needed to use a phone number to contact a customer. Email has always been enough for any required communication. The Phone Number in your account information is totally Optional. You do not have to enter it. Entering it helps us if there is any problem with your order and a problem contacting you through email and it allows us to put it on your package in case your post office wishes to use it to contact you. We do not need it to ship the package, it is optional, recommended by the post office, but not entirely recommended by Blackblok. You may remove the Phone number or change it to a random number at any time.

We may use your account email to send you promotional store offers or special discounts. Although we have never done this, in case of a very special sale I will reserve the right to send you a heads up by email. We will never use your phone number to contact you unless you have a large order, your email is not working (not responding or coming back) and we need to speicify an important part of the order. We are more likely to refund you if there is a complication and you are unreachable through email than try to phone you. It would only be a very very special circumstance (onyl as above) that we would even consider using anyone's phone number to contact them, and even then, probably will not call.


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