Clothing Sizes

Our Clothing comes from a variety of manufacturers. The different manufacturers often use different T-shirts from one another, so there may be some variation in size from one shirt or hoodie to another.

Most Shirts and Hoodies should include a Sizing Chart indicating the measurements for each size. Please use that chart to best determine your appropriate size.

If you are unsure which is the best size please include your Chest width in your checkout comments and select what size you would usually wear.
We will find the most suitable size for you.

The Size Chart for Each T-Shirt will look like the chart below. Carts and Measurements for Different T-Shirts include Different Measurements. Some of the measurements below may or may not be used for all shirts. The Chest width is the most important measurement, please make sure your chest measurements are correct.

Long-Sleeve Shirt Measurements: Short-Sleeve Shirt Measurements

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